Buying French Property with Charente Immobilier

Here at Charente Immobilier we understand that buying a property in France can appear a little daunting – the system is very different and the language can be a real barrier. All of us here at Charente Immobilier have been through it and we are fully aware of the issues that might arise for you as a buyer. We have the expert knowledge to hold your hand and guide you through the entire process, giving you both confidence and peace of mind.

We have drawn together a range of information that you might find helpful and might wish to look through – but don’t worry, we will be at your side giving support at each step. And don’t forget to read through our 5-step buying process.

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Our 5-step guide to a successful purchase

Step 1 – Plan

The initial planning process is the first step in a successful property search – a little time spent on this is well worth the effort.

WHY are you buying the property? The type of property you look for may well differ based upon the reason for the purchase. Are you retiring? Are you moving for work? Do you want a holiday home?

WHAT should you buy? Understanding why you are buying will help to define what to buy. Does the property need to generate income? Should it be on one floor? Do you really need lots of land?

WHERE do you want to buy? Knowing why and what you are buying will also help with deciding where to buy. In town? In the countryside? By the sea? Near transport links?

HOW do you want to buy? As an individual? Through a company? Is a loan essential, a good idea or out of the question? You should also consider currency – how will you buy your euros – and when should you buy them?

PREPARE your brief – be clear about what you are looking for and identify those aspects of your criteria that are essential and those that are optional. Be sure to contact us with your brief before making a visit.

Step 2 – View

Viewing properties should be the exciting second step in the search. We will do the legwork for you!

MEET us at our comfortable offices – relax with a refreshment as we explore your brief with you and finalise a viewing shortlist. This meeting is invaluable and will save you hours of wasted time – but remember to make the appointment well in advance.

ACCEPT advice – we have an in-depth knowledge of the area and are well-placed to be your best guide for your project. Remember, we work for you – to get you the right property at the right price.

BE OPEN to new ideas and suggestions – you may not have thought of a number of options that we might propose. We have worked with many buyers and are used to thinking “outside the box”.

BE REALSTIC about the number of properties you view – it is probably counter-productive to ask to see 10 properties per day!

ENJOY visiting the properties and make the most of each visit. If you like a property – great. If you don’t – that’s useful too as it will help to refine the search.

GIVE FEEDBACK about the visits – this is really helpful to both us and the vendors. 

Step 3 – Offer

TALK TACTICS with us – we have years of experience in successfully negotiating property deals.

BE SURE that you want to buy the property – only make an offer if you are certain that you want to proceed.

CONSIDER the conditions you wish to include in your offer and explore these thoroughly with us . Do you need a loan? How about buying the contents? What about the timetable? Planning permission?

RELAX – let us make the offer for you and be the buffer between you and the vendor.

Step 4 – Exchange

AGREE the conditions you wish to form part of the contract – we will then prepare the “compromis de vente” – the sales agreement.

REVIEW the reports with us – these provide you with lots of information regarding the property and we will explain them to you. They include information on asbestos, lead, electricity, gas, risks, termites and drainage.

SIGN the agreement – we can then start the conveyancing process and instruct the notaire. 

Step 5 – Complete

COOL OFF – even though you have signed the contract you will have a 10-day period in which to reflect upon your decision and withdraw should you decide that it is not right for you. When this period is completed your purchase is binding.

THINK about what you will need to do in order to buy and run a property in France – buying euros, opening a bank account, arranging buildings and contents insurance and so on. We can help with all of this.

COMPLETION takes place at the notaire’s office and we will be there with you to ensure that all goes smoothly.

TRANSFER the utilities – don’t worry – we can help with this too.

REMEMBER you are not alone – we provide a comprehensive after-sales service to help you settle into your new home.